Compressed air systems in industrial and commercial facilities are generally designed for pressures of 90 to 125 psig. However, some special applications such as plastics molding, printing, and leak testing require higher pressures. In these cases it is often effective and economical to take a portion of the existing plant and apply a booster compressor sized specifically for the special need to achieve the desired pressure and flow. The alternatives of either installing a stand-alone, high pressure compressor or operating the whole plant at high pressure are costly and wasteful.

In addition to our complete line of industrial rotary screw compressors and accessories, Kaeser offers reciprocating booster compressors to increase air system pressure as high as 650 psig. These reliable units are compact, quiet, and offer an excellent alternative for high pressure. Simply install a Kaeser Booster to increase the pressure of the existing plant compressed air where it is needed.

With high volumetric efficiency, the booster compresses air from the main plant air system up to the desired pressure. The two-stage method is ideal and economical for many applications where only a small to moderate amount of high pressure air is needed.

Kaeser has the technology and the ability to design a complete compressed air system to meet both your plant air and high pressure requirements. We offer a full line of accessories including high pressure dryers, filters and drain traps to achieve the high production quality you demand.