Standard Equipment Includes:

Compressor:  Single stage, flooded, rotary screw air-end with the power saving, proprietary SIGMA profile.


Motor:  TEFC electric motor, 3 Phase, 60 Hz., 460V., 3,600 rpm, class F insulation, 1.15 service factor and EPAct compliant.


Starter:  Magnetic Wye-Delta reduced voltage starter ensures low starting current and soft start.


Drive:  Multi V-belt drive with automatic tensioning device provides optimum power transfer and long belt life.


Air/Coolant System:  Cooling air enters the package though a replaceable and cleanable package pre-filter.  A solid steel floor ensures that cooling air must pass through the pre-filter.  4-micron air intake filter replaceable, cleanable cartridge extends fluid drain intervals and air end life. Pneumatic inlet and vent valve.  Combined reservoir and separator tank with 3-stage separation system ensures minimal fluid carry over of 1 to 3 ppm (by weight).  Quick-change devices on the separator and cooler allow complete, fast and easy fluid changes.  ASME separator tank is equipped with quick disconnect fittings for manual verification of separator element contamination.  Combination valve incorporates a thermostatically controlled valve, cooler by-pass and micro fluid filter.  The thermostatically controlled valve ensures perfect regulation of the fluid temperature.  The micro fluid filter utilizes a spin-on cartridge.  Main fluid and compressed air lines are rigid pipe and incorporate flexible pipe connection.  Units are air cooled with high efficiency coolers. Internal fan provides intensive cooling.


Enclosure:  Compact unit is soundproofed by a sheet metal enclosure with mineral wool and plastic liners.  Enclosure features a durable powder coated finish.  Compressor is mounted on a base frame with a solid steel floor and vibration isolation mounts.  Additional vibration isolation for air end, motor, and separator tank is standard.  Unit is very maintenance friendly with easy access to all-important components through a single removable cabinet panel with key lock.  All maintenance items are accessible from one side, and a window in the panel allows viewing the fluid level indicator and the belt tensioning without opening the machine.

Receiver Tank: Dryer and Compressor will be mounted with all associated piping leading into an ASME Certified 120 Gallon receiver.  The receiver has a maximum working pressure of 200psi.


Clean Air Treatment Package: Consists of KOR filter (including internal drain) for optimal oil and water separation and an electronic water condensate drain trap for the receiver tank.


Sequencer: Automatically switched Lead – Lag compressors every 24 hours for maximum flow and even load hours.


Secotec Dryers Include:  Control panel includes dew point indicator, on/off switch, and LED’s indicating “power on”

(active thermal storage) and “compressor on”.


Heat Exchangers:  Air-to-air and thermal storage-to-refrigerant heat exchangers are fitted with oversized copper tubing that provides low-pressure drop. The smooth inner walls of the tubing also prevent fouling.


Thermal Storage:  Solid media acts as storage for efficient cooling and eliminates the possibility of leakage.


Electronic Demand Drain:  Once condensate fills the collection chamber, a level sensor opens a diaphragm valve to drain the condensate. The valve then shuts before costly air can escape.


Separator:  Highly efficient multistage, stainless steel separator uses centrifugal force and a stainless steel wire mesh to separate 99.9% of liquid water.


Protective Devices: Sigma Control Basic, safety pressure and relief valve, emergency stop button and oil level sight glasses.  The drive access door is equipped with door interlock switch, which shuts down compressor if doors are opened while unit is running.


Devices for Ease of Maintenance:  Fluid change pressurization valve complete with drain hose; large gasketed and hinged door and removable cabinet panel with key locks.


Warranty:  Original KAESER SIGMA air end, electric drive motor and Sigma Control are warranted for a period of two years against defects in materials and workmanship.  The balances of the components are warranted for one year.

Optional Five Year Extended Warranty Program: KAESER will extend warranty coverage for 5 years on the airend, motor and Sigma Control (Parts & Labor).  All components not specified in the above description are subject to the terms of KAESERS standard warranty policy.  To qualify for the extended warranty, a customer must purchase one “Annual Warranty Maintenance Kit” at the time of the compressor purchase and one “Annual Warranty Maintenance Kit” each year of the term of the extended warranty.  These new kits include maintenance parts and fluid required for a machine running in a one-shift environment.  Machines running more than one shift will require additional parts and fluid.  Replacement parts and fluid must be genuine KAESER parts.  The kits include micro-fiberglass oil filters, which are a requirement for the Extended Warranty Program.  The fluid included with the kits is S460 Synthetic Lubricant or FG460 Food Grade Lubricant.   After the initial fill is removed from the compressor, the compressor must run S460 or FG460 for the life of the Extended Warranty Program.  We have a free Lubricant Analysis Program as a required part of the Extended Warranty Program.  Recommendations of the Lubricant Analysis Program will supersede the instruction manual. The price of the kit is the same as if the parts are purchased separately. There are no additional charges for the extended warranty kit items.

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SX 5 N/A Kaeser SX 5 Aircenter N/A 2 x 5 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 42 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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SX 7.5 N/A Kaeser SX 7.5 Aircenter N/A 2 x 7.5 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 56 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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SM 7.5 N/A Kaeser SM 7.5 Aircenter N/A 2 x 7.5 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 64 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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SM 10 N/A Kaeser SM 10 Aircenter N/A 2 x 10 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 84 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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SM 15 N/A Kaeser SM 15 Aircenter N/A 2 x 15 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 106 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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SK 15 N/A Kaeser SK 15 Aircenter N/A 2 x 15 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 128 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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AS 25 N/A Kaeser AS 25 Aircenter N/A 2 x 25 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 222 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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AS 30 N/A Kaeser AS 30 Aircenter N/A 2 x 30 hp N/A 125 psig N/A 248 cfm QUOTE Add To Cart
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