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Great Lakes - GP Alternate Filter Elements

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For most brands of compressed air filters.
Get the incredible performance of nano compressed air filter elements no matter whose filter you own.

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Item #

OEM Element Part Number

OEM Filter Part Number

Filter Type

Web Price

FN10025PU EGP-25/30/40 GP-25 Compressed Air $20.00
FN10025PU EGP-25/30/40 GP-30 Compressed Air $20.00
FN10025PU EGP-25/30/40 GP-40 Compressed Air $20.00
FN10050PU EGP-65/80 GP-65 Compressed Air $32.00
FN10050PU EGP-65/80 GP-80 Compressed Air $32.00
FN15060PU EGP-130/170 GP-130 Compressed Air $41.00
FN15060PU EGP-130/170 GP-170 Compressed Air $41.00
FN15095PU EGP-230 GP-230 Compressed Air $50.00
FN20130PU EGP-370/420 GP-370 Compressed Air $66.00
FN25130PU EGP-415/600 GP-415 Compressed Air $97.00
FN20130PU EGP-370420 GP-420 Compressed Air $66.00
FN20187PU EGP-540 GP-540 Compressed Air $86.00
FN25130PU EGP-415/600 GP-600 Compressed Air $97.00
FN25187PU EGP-625/700/750 GP-750 Compressed Air $103.00
FN25235PU EGP-920/1035 GP-1035 Compressed Air $122.00
FN25280PU EGP-1250 GP-1250 Compressed Air $164.00
FN35280PU EGP-1330/1660 GP-1330 Compressed Air $224.00
FN35280PU EGP-1330/1660 GP-1660 Compressed Air $224.00
FN51280PU EGP-2500 GP-2500T3N Compressed Air $337.00
FN51280PU EGP-2500 GP-2500F3N Compressed Air $337.00
FN51280PU EGP-2500 GP-2500T3F Compressed Air $337.00
FN51280PU EGP-2500 GP-2500F3F Compressed Air $337.00
FN85250PU EGP-3300 GP-3330T4F Compressed Air $505.00
FN85250PU EGP-3300 GP-3330F4F Compressed Air $505.00
FN85360PU EGP-5000 GP-5000F6F Compressed Air $654.00
  Results 1 - 25 of 28 1 2 

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