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Compatible Quincy Compressor Lubricants

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Compressed Air Systems Inc. Series CAS-DE compressor lubricants are super premium, 100% synthethic diester base with an advanced technology additive system. They are blended from the finest materials available. Proven in countless millions of horsepower hours of service in virtually every type of compressor made. CAS compressor fluids have been designed to be completely top-off compatible with their corresponding OEM compressor fluid.

  • Outstanding oxidation stability
  • High viscosity index
  • High flash and auto ignition points
  • Very low volatility
  • Extremely high film strength
  • Excellent coolant properties
  • Excellent dispersant properties
  • Long fluid life
  • Excellent rust control
  • Carbon and varnish control
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced lubricant consumption

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CAS-Coolant-1G $49.35 Quin-Syn PG 1-Gallon
CAS-Coolant-5G $226.80 Quin-Syn PG 5-Gallon
CAS-Coolant-55G $2,312.10 Quin-Syn PG 55-Gallon
CAS-46P-1G $40.43 Quin-Syn 1-Gallon
CAS-46P-5G $185.85 Quin-Syn 5-Gallon
CAS-46P-55G $1,860.60 Quin-Syn 55-Gallon
CAS+-1G $56.18 Quin-Syn+ 1-Gallon
CAS+-5G $258.30 Quin-Syn+ 5-Gallon
CAS+-55G $2,514.75 Quin-Syn+ 55-Gallon
CAS-PS30-1G $21.00 Quin-CIP 100 1-Gallon
CAS-PS30-5G $96.60 Quin-CIP 100 5-Gallon
CAS-PS30-55G $866.25 Quin-CIP 100 55-Gallon
CAS-PS10-1G $21.00 Quin-CIP 32 1-Gallon
CAS-PS10-5G $96.60 Quin-CIP 32 5-Gallon
CAS-PS10-55G $866.25 Quin-CIP 32 55-Gallon
CAS-FG-46-1G $41.48 Quin-Syn FG 1-Gallon
CAS-FG-46-5G $192.15 Quin-Syn FG 5-Gallon
CAS-FG-46-55G $1,932.00 Quin-Syn FG 55-Gallon
CAS-PS20-1G $21.00 Quin-CIP 68 1-Gallon
CAS-PS20-5G $96.60 Quin-CIP 68 5-Gallon
CAS-PS20-55G $866.25 Quin-CIP 68 55-Gallon
CAS-RunClean-46-1G $30.19 Quin-Syn IV 1-Gallon
CAS-RunClean-46-5G $137.55 Quin-Syn-IV 5-Gallon
CAS-RunClean-46-55G $1,347.15 Quin-Syn IV 55-Gallon
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1 

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