Model 1042 Clemco Classic Style Pot - 1 Cubic Foot Capacity - 125 psi - 1/2" piping

Includes high pressure helmet which uses air from air compressor as breathing air.  High pressure helmet requires 20 CFM of air flow in addiiton to air flow required by blast pot.  The included CPF20 filter is designed to remove most of the moisture and oil vapors than can occur with compressors providing Grade-D breathing air.  The CPF20 will not remove carbon monoxide.  The Clemco CMS-1 carbon monoxide detector (not included with package) will warn user of the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide in the breathing line.

**uses MSV metering valve - suitable only for conventional expendable media - not recommended for fine mesh, glass or metallic media.  Contact inside sales if you are using these media**

Unit of Measure



N/A 1 ft³


N/A Portable


N/A 1/2 inches