Effortless Hopper Gate Opening

The POGO Electric is designed to be suspended from an I or H beam. A telescoping shaft equipped with a special heat treated bit is inserted into the capstan. Once inserted the drive motor will open or close the hopper gate quickly and smoothly. Heavy duty jack screws allow the operator to accurately raise and lower the shaft to align with the capstan. The whole machine rolls effortlessly along the I or H beam to allow easy alignment. A double swivel plate at the top of the machine allows the operator to rotate the telescoping shaft out of the way of the locomotive when spotting cars.
Unit of Measure


Trolley Center Size

N/A 20 1/8 in

Minimum Clearance from Centerline when Rotated

N/A 19 5/8 in


Adjustable Torque

N/A Up to 2000 lb·ft

Rotation Speed

N/A 18 rpm


N/A 1530 lb

Operator Range

N/A 10 ft

Travel Ranges

Adjustable Up/Down Travel Range

N/A 36 in

Telescoping Shaft In/Out Configurable Range

N/A Up to 44 in


N/A 360 º


N/A Full Length of Beam

Beam Size

Beam Flange Width

N/A 3 1/4 to 8 in

Minimum Beam Height

N/A 4 in

Machine Weight

N/A 1530 lb

Beam Placement

Height Above Finished Floor

N/A 144 in

Centerline Offset from Capstan

N/A 45 to 115 in

Electrical Requirements


N/A 460 V


N/A 3

Power Supply Frequency

N/A 60 Hz

Minimum Recommended Breaker

N/A 20 A

Operator Flexibility

N/A The POGO Electric has been designed so that the operator can perform all functions from a standing position saving them from the backbreaking task of manually opening hopper gates. A pendant control with a 10 ft cord is provided to allow the operator to move freely about the machine.

Powerful and Dependable

N/A Power is delivered from a 5 hp TEFC electric motor through a helical-bevel reducer providing a massive amount of torque. Separate TEFC motors drive the telescoping shaft and jack screws. The telescoping shaft is designed to be easily removable for service. All wear areas are protected with bellows or covers for harsh environments. An explosion proof option is also available.