The PREDATAIR is ready to produce air with your supply of hydraulic power.  Simply connect your pressure and return lines to the hydraulic manifold on the PREDATAIR and you’re ready to go.  Of course you’ll need between 9 and 14 GPM to for the PREDATAIR40 and between 13 and 20 GPM for the PREDATAIR60, depending on your air CFM requirements.
Once you have the hydraulic fluid running through the system, turn the compressor on with a 12-volt power source and the integral digital control takes care of the rest.  A 12-volt solenoid will open and allow the hydraulic oil to travel into the hydraulic motor, thus starting the compressor.  The motor is directly coupled to the compressor via a SAE B spline drive.  Unlike other above deck compressors, there isn’t a belt or pulley system.  Once the oil travels through the motor it is cooled within the integral cooler.  A 12-volt fan cycles with the temperature of the compressor to keep things cool. 
The cooler provides cooling for the compressor oil, as well as your hydraulic oil.  There is ample cooling to keep the system cool, if the compressor is the only component running.  Additional hydraulically powered equipment may require separate cooling sources.
The compressor itself works just like the VR70 UNDERHOOD compressor.  Compressor oil is injected into the rotor housing to provide a seal between the rotors.  The oil/air mixture then flows into the air/oil separator tank where baffles and air direction changes remove much of the oil from the air.  A coalescing filter at the discharge end of the tank then removes the majority of any oil left in the air stream.  The oil then travels through the cooler and is returned to the compressor to once again provide the seal between the rotors. 
The inlet control valve works in the same fashion as the UNDERHOOD compressors as well.  When the system reaches full pressure, the inlet will close and prevent further air from being brought into the system.  A pressure drop caused by the use of your tools will then tell the inlet to open and generate a steady flow of air equal to your requirements.
Traditional safety systems are incorporated into the PREDATAIR.  A 200 psi safety valve is located at the back of the tank to prevent over pressurizing the system.  As well, a temperature probe will send a signal to the control box to shut the system down if an over-temp situation occurs.  On the hydraulic side, a 2,650 psi safety valve prevents too much hydraulic pressure from entering the system,
The digital control box controls not only the on/off function, it also controls the cycling of the electric fan, monitors regulated system pressure to activate the Speed 2 wire if used and monitors the compressor oil temperature.  If the oil becomes too hot, the system will shut down and if the compressor oil is too cold, the system will not turn on until the oil heats to a sufficient temperature.
The PREDATAIR combines all of these features in a very compact, light weight package that delivers up to 40 CFM or 60CFM of air for your job.

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