VMAC Throttle Commander Throttle Control - How it Works

Electronic Throttle Controls
This easy to install electronic throttle control maintains preset rpm over a range of engine torque loads. The throttle control is closed loop so it is watching an rpm signal from the vehicle. By watching this signal this will insure that the engine doesn't over rev. The Throttle Commander rpm can be adjusted easily by turning the adjustment screw or if applicable by utilizing the option Programming Tool. The RPM setting can range from 900 - 2300.

Electro-mechanical Throttle Controls
This electro-mechanical throttle control maintains a preset rpm over a range of engine torque loads. Three possible preset programming speeds make this Throttle Commander able to run a variation of equipment applications.

SEIC Throttle Controls
2005 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty Trucks and Econoline Vans (over 8500 GVW) all feature Ford's new High Idle System.  The Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC) is an engine control that has been internalized into the vehicle computer.  The introduction of this idle control means the retirement of Ford's old APCM model.

VMAC’s SEIC module easily interfaces both the gas and diesel engines. 

The T500107 is the part number for diesel engines.  It features 2 adjustable speed settings, a port for a remote pendant option, remote start/stop compatibility and easy to follow instructions.  The RPM range will be 1,200-2,400 as per the settings defined by Ford.

The T500108 is the part number for gas engines.  It features the same options as the diesel model.  However, the RPM range will be 900-2,320 as per the settings defined by Ford.

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