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Standard Features

  • Accurate Pressure Calculation Controls Output Pressure to Within 0.1% Accuracy
  • Multi Stage Regulation for Maximum Control and Stability
  • Two Full Flow Gauge Ports
  • Super Sensitive Relief
  • High Exhaust Relief Capacity

Optional Features (Specify when requesting a quote)

  • Adjustable Pressures (psig): 2-40 or 2-120
Wilkerson P17 Inline Regulator
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Web Price

P17-XX-XXXX N/A Wilkerson P17 Regulator N/A 1/4" N/A 14 cfm N/A 150 psig N/A 0-150 ºF N/A NPT N/A 2 x 1/4" N/A 1.4 lbs QUOTE
Unit of Measure