Specifically designed for the removal of solid particles, water and oil aerosols down to 0.01 micron. Maximum remaining oil content of air leaving the filter down to 0.01ppm at 70ºF (21ºC) at a pressure of 100 PSIG (6,9 bar g) using a typical compressor lubricant. Two filter element grades are offered to better meet your air quality requirements.

Grade B and B1 filter elements are used for most air coalescing applications where the removal of liquid aerosols and submicronic particles for general air quality is required. Protection of components such as air valves, cylinders, as well as air conveyors, air gaging, air bearings, air control circuits and paint spraying equipment are examples of specific end-use applciations. This grade of filter element should be used as a prefilter for the Grade C coalescing filter.

Grade C high-efficiency filter elements are used where the removal of extremely fine particulate and virtually "oil-free" or high quality air is necessary. Specific end-use applications are protection of critical air control circuits, air logic systems, flow and temperature controllers, food processing, electronics, health care and film processing. This grade of filter element should be used as a prefilter for the Grade D oil vapor removal filter.


Unit of Measure

Thread Size

N/A 1/4" NPT


N/A 55 cfm

Max. Inlet Pressure

N/A 150 psig

Operating Temperature

N/A 32 - 125 ºF


N/A Plastic / Guard

Drain Type

N/A Manual

Standard Filtration

N/A 0.5 micron

Approx Weight

N/A 2.4 lbs

Part Includes

N/A type B element, differential pressure indicator