• belt-driven rotary screw air compressor
  • drive system
  • air/oil separator tank
  • oil cooler
  • throttle control

VMAC's air-on-demand technology matches air output with air demand.  As your tools require more air, the truck engine increases RPM to produce more air, matching your requirements.  With rotary screw compressors, you can run 100% duty cycle and not have to worry about re-filling a bulky reservoir tank.  This means you can use your tools without having to wait for your air supply to catch up.  More uptime means your can accomplish more.

UNDERHOOD compressors use only a small air/oil separator tank that safely mounts on the frame rail of your truck.  The rest of the components are neatly mounted under your hood so you save valuable weight and payload space.  Not mounting a larger gas or hydraulic drive compressor in the back of your truck gives you more room for tools and other equipment.

UNDERHOOD compressors will run most of your pneumatic tools.  You won't need to drag a tow-behind with you that requires extra maintenance, fuel, insurance and ties up your receiver hitch.  As work trucks are being used for more and more jobs, the room you save by using an UNDERHOOD system allows you to equip your truck for a wider variety of jobs.



N/A 7" W6.5" H

Air/ Oil Seperator Tank

N/A 6" Diameter 31" Length

Oil Cooler

N/A 4.25" W3.5" H


N/A Two Years on all major components