Multi-Drive System™

Utilizing the vehicles own engine for power, Vanair® underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it -without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. Using a single PTO opening, these systems provide up to 200 CFM (Pump Sold Separately) of impressive air power, AC power or hydraulics, or any combination of all three. At half the cost of a tow-behind, PTO underdeck systems mount seamlessly out of sight, under the vehicle, leaving the towing hitch free for other equipment and opens up the truck bed for additional storage space.
Unit of Measure



N/A V3™ Vanair®


N/A 125 cfm

Air Pressure

N/A 100 to 150 psi

Compressor Input Speed

N/A 1535 rpm

Oil Capacity

N/A 3.5 gal

Continuous Generator Output

N/A 6.6 kW9.6 kW

Generator Voltage

N/A 120/240 V120 V


N/A 1


N/A 3600 rpm

Degree of Protection/Insulation Class

N/A Ingress Protection (IP54)

Generator Type

N/A Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled (TEFC)

Minimum Kit Mounted Dry Weight

N/A 595 lb

Maximum Kit Mounted Dry Weight

N/A 636 lb

Duty Cycle

N/A 100 %

Design Life

N/A 100,000 hours

Flash Point Temperature

N/A 257 ºC495 ºF

Pour Point Temperature

N/A -45 ºC-50 ºF

Pressure Rating

N/A Up to 250 psi

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

Air Compressor

  • Greater Efficiency for Lower Engine RPMs
  • Integrated Inlet Valve and Rear Discharge Provides Higher Ground Clearance

Generator Specifications

Generator Specifications

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Sealed Generator
  • No Brushes for Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Regulates to Within ± 2 %
  • 6.6 kW to 9.6 kW Producing 120 or 120/240V at a Constant 60 Hz
  • Ground Fault Circuits and Outlet Panels Available to Meet your Needs

Discharge System

Discharge System

  • In-tank Coalescer System Provides Greater Surface Area for Increased Oil Separation
  • Coalescer is Protected from the Elements, Eliminating the Possibility of Rust or Damage from External Source
  • Less Prescribed Maintenance and Waste Oil Recovery Costs
  • Less than 2 PPM Oil Carryover
  • 5 Year Warranty or 3000 Hours for Replacement on Coalescer Element Only
  • Smaller Tank Design Makes Installation Easier
  • Streamlined Fittings on the End of Tank

Air Filter

Air Filter

  • ABS Plastic Housing
  • Dual Stage


SAE B Pad1 N/A
  • Limited to 77 Ft. Lbs.



  • Capable of Cooling Up to 200 CFM at Up to 175 PSI
  • Air to Oil Heat Exchanger Driven by 12V Fan



N/A Vanair® Total Electronic Control System (V-TEC™)
Diagnostic Monitoring Display Includes:
  • Remote Engine Speed Control
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • Complete Startup & Shutdown Capabilities
  • Oil Temperature & Air Pressure System Checks
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance Display Assistance & Alerts
  • LCD

Vanguard Rotary Screw Compressor Oil

Vanguard Rotary Screw Compressor Oil

  • Full Synthetic Oil Exclusively Created for Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Outstanding Thermal and Oxidative Stability
  • Reduced Oil Disposal Due to Extended Drain Intervals

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

  • High-Temperature Shutdown
  • High-Pressure Shutdown
  • Air Pressure-Relief Safety Valve
  • Minimum Pressure Valve
  • Automatic Blowdown on Shutdown
  • Oil Fill Plug Safety Relief

Accessories and Options

Accessories and Options

  • External, Spin-on Air-Oil Separating Element
  • Dual Pressure
  • Dual Voltage
  • Service/Control Line Moisture Separators
  • Filter/Lubricator/Regulator (FLR)
  • Air Hoses, Hose Reels, and Fittings
  • OSHA Safety Valve (Velocity Fuse)
  • Tool Oiler/Lubricator
  • Biodegradable Vanguard Green™ Synthetic Oil

Hydraulic System Requirements

Hydraulic System Requirements

N/A All hydraulic ratings and pressures are at the machine and do not take into account the pressure drops of individual hydraulic systems. These pressure drops need to be taken into account and added to the rating of the hydraulic pump and components. Vanair® highly recommends consulting a hydraulic supply expert for specifying the correct hydraulic pump size and type, oil reservoir size, hydraulic cooler, hydraulic pressure relief, and other hydraulic supply components for your application. Please take into consideration the following: the hydraulic flow and pressure requirements of the air compressor, the continuous hydraulic load when the compressor is running, the duty cycle and ambient operating temperatures, and any other hydraulic equipment that may share the same hydraulic supply system (Vanair® recommends a dedicated pump and hydraulic circuit).



N/A Lifetime Warranty on Air End



N/A Made in USA.
  • 1 Pump Sold Separately