Kellogg-American Industrial Air Compressors are engineered and built for rugged use. We use premium single phase and three phase motor options with standard magnetic starters. Every component is specified to provide industrial duty performance. Kellogg-American Compressors are designed for professional use, working in extreme environments, providing all the air needed to get the job done.
Unit of Measure



N/A Kellogg-American


N/A V80/1-335


N/A 7.5 hp


N/A 1

Tank Capacity

N/A 80 gal

Tank Orientation

N/A Vertical


N/A 586 lb

Air Flow

N/A 27.5 cfm

Actual Air Flow at 175 psi

N/A 20.5 acfm

Actual Air Flow at 90 psi

N/A 22 acfm


N/A Pressure

Pump Model

N/A LP335

Pump Speed

N/A 890 rpm

Motor Frame

N/A 213T


N/A 208 to 230 V


N/A 30 to 33 A

Belt Size

N/A 2B69

Operating Pressure Range

N/A 145 to 175 psi

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A Vertical ASME Certified Tanks



  • Kellogg-American Pumps
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Expanded Metal Belt Guards
  • TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) Motors
  • Condor Pressure Switches
  • IEC Rated Magnetic Starters
  • Vertical ASME Certified Tanks

Additional Information

N/A Kellogg-American Compressors have been a source of reliable compressed air power since 1906. Over the years the basic design parameter has remained the same, a reliable, heavy duty unit to serve the user whose livelihood depends on compressed air.

  • The patented "Ring Flo" oil lubrication system offers positive force feed oil flow with only one moving part - the ring - no oil pump or gear.
  • Kellogg-American uses Swedish steel concentric ring valves and high quality copper gaskets which withstand the higher temperatures better and make it easier to remove the valves for normal maintenance.
  • Kellogg-American Compressor cylinders and heads are made from "close grain" cast iron.
  • The Intercooler has large fully finned tubes for maximum flow, minimum pressure drop rod friction, and the Kellogg-American two stage units have the most intercooling area on a per horsepower basis.
  • Two stage units utilize the rugged "EMBLOC" design which offers greater strength and resistance to warping due to heat and mechanical stress.