Our simplex and duplex scroll tank mounted systems with integral after-cooler design are perfect for any application where clean dry air is required. Starter control panel and dryer options are available to modify the system for a particular application. Our innovative scroll technology is completely oilless, extremely quiet, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. Mounting the scroll compressor of the tank itself maximizes available floor space and allows for easy access to the compressor for maintenance. Systems with our oilless scroll pumps are also ideal for situations where excessive noise or vibration may be an issue.
Unit of Measure


Air Flow at 100 psi

N/A 30.4 scfm
Standard Air Flow at 100 psi with High Pressure Option1 N/A 25 scfm

Compressor Power

N/A 5 hp


N/A Duplex


N/A 3

Tank Capacity

N/A 80 gal120 gal

Major Oil Free Applications

N/A Chemical processing Environmental Food processing Gas generation Instrumentation Laboratories Manufacturing Petrochemical Pharmaceutical

Key Benefits


  • Scroll pump technology - 100% oilless
  • Less noise and vibration than comparable reciprocating piston compressors
  • Easy installation
  • Maximizes floor space
  • Lower overall maintenance cost than oil-flooded systems
  • UL listed magnetic starter
  • UL508A listed control panel
  • Available with industry first 10 hp scroll pumps

Options for All Models


  • Premium warranty
  • Refrigerated or desiccant
  • air treatment system
  • Slide base for each motor
  • 50 Hz motor
  • Corrosion resistant tank lining

The Powerex® Oilless Advantage

Benefits of an Oilless Compressor

  • Extremely reliable.
  • 100% oil free system.
  • No contamination of product.
  • No contamination of powered equipment.
  • More environmentally friendly.
  • Less filtration required.
  • Less maintenance – no oil changes needed!
  • No oil water separators needed.

Disadvantages of an Oil Flooded Compressor

  • Potential oil contamination of product.
  • Potential oil contamination of powered equipment.
  • Low-quality “oil free” compressors can also damage equipment.
  • Potential oil contamination of environment.
  • Require expensive food grade oil for food processing applications.
  • Require additional activated carbon filters.
  • Require filter maintenance.
  • Oil changes.

Oilless Scroll Technology

N/A Powerex® has led scroll technology since 1991 when we introduced the first completely oilless scroll air compressor. Our technology and expertise in clean, dry air systems is unmatched. Powerex® manufactures compressors, pumps, air receivers, control panels, air dryers, dew point monitors, and more, to provide a total system approach to your air compressor needs. All facilities are ISO9001 registered so you can be assured of the highest quality. The enclosed scroll compressors feature compact footprints, energy efficient operation, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly design, all in one complete package.

Technology and Innovation

N/A The scroll pump has few moving parts making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self-lubricating tip seals, and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free.
As the leaders in scroll pump technology, our latest design incorporates several innovative features:

  • Main bearings are housed in durable cast iron instead of aluminum which prevents fretting and premature failure of the bearing race. This pump can be operated at 100% duty with confidence.
  • The patented bearing re-grease feature has been improved to allow maintenance from the front side of the pump, cutting service time in half.
  • The patented tip seal design yields the highest flow rates and longevity of any other dry scroll compressor.
  • The improved efficiency and cooling results in lower operating temperatures.
  • Extremely low vibration.
  • Industry first 10hp scroll pump improves system efficiency by producing more output using fewer pumps.

Compression Principle

N/A As the orbiting scroll orbits from No.1 to No.4 position, a crescent-shaped cavity is gradually reduced, compressing the air and exhausting it through the final discharge point at the center.

  • 1 Systems using 3 hp and 5 hp pumps are available with high pressure option of 145 psig max. Values for system with high pressure option added are indicated in parentheses.