Powerex® Rotary Tooth Compressor Systems help ensure your facility exceeds the standards of all recognized GMP schemes, including SQF and BCAS, as well as complying with FDA Title 21CFR, Part 110.40 (g). The 100% oil free air compression chamber provides ISO 8753-1 "Class 0" equivalent air for oil content, ensuring that product is never contaminated with oil and eliminating the need for costly "food grade" compressor oil and/or additional oil filtration. Powerex® oil free compressors provide an excellent HACCP solution by eliminating a contamination risk point.
Unit of Measure



N/A Powerex®

Pump Power

N/A 50 hp
Maximum Pressure1 N/A 109 psi

Performance Air Flow at 100 psig

N/A 204 scfm

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

N/A Yes


N/A 3


N/A 460 V

System Full Load Current (F.L.A)

N/A 60.1 A

Sound Level

N/A 68 dBA

Compressor Capacity

N/A 127221 Btu/hr

Outlet Size

N/A 1-1/2 in

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ASME ISO 8753-1



N/A 77 in


N/A 40 in


N/A 65 in

Additional Information

N/A Why Powerex® ?

Powerex® has been designing and packaging systems since 1988 and has built a foundation on engineering, innovation, quality and service to become a leader in both air and vacuum systems. Because of our high level of vertical integration and a full in-house engineering team, Powerex® has the ability to customize a system to meet your air or vacuum requirements.

Compression Principle

N/A As the teeth rotate in opposite directions, they suck in air, then begin compression as the air is sealed in the chamber. As the teeth continue to rotate, they compress the air further, which is then discharged through the outlet.

WhisperAIR™ Sound Enclosure Cabinet

N/A Powerex®’s trademarked oil free enclosure systems offer the lowest noise levels in the industry. Each system is packaged in a rigid steel frame with powder coated panels and lined with sound-deadening insulation. The low noise levels are unmatched in the industry and allow installation at the point of use, while the small footprint simultaneously maximizes floor space.

Optional VFD Controller


  • Saves up to 35% in energy costs vs. standard Load/Unload.
  • System runs at the target psi vs. max.
  • Reduces waste from system running in unload.

GMP Compressed Air Packages Include


  • Desiccant dryer packages sized to produce dew points of -40 ºF (and lower if necessary).
  • ASME Air Receivers.
  • Filtration packages, including point-of-use filtration.
  • External alternation control panels for multiple compressors.

Targeted Industries


  • Food Processing
  • Beverage Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Medical Devices

The Powerex® Oil Free Advantage

Benefits of an Oil Free Air Compressor

  • Extremely reliable.
  • 100% oil free air end.
  • No contamination of product.
  • No contamination of powered equipment.
  • More environmentally friendly.
  • Less filtration required.
  • No oil water separators needed.

Disadvantages of an Oil Flooded Compressor

  • Potential oil contamination of product.
  • Potential oil contamination of powered equipment.
  • Low-quality “oil free” compressors can damage equipment.
  • Potential oil contamination of environment.
  • Require additional activated carbon filters.
  • Higher level of maintenance - oil changes and filter maintenance required.



  • Quiet operation - enclosure reduces sound to 68 dB(A).
  • 100% oil free air - ISO 8753-1 Class "0" equivalent.
  • Smallest system footprint in its class - saves valuable floor space.
  • Symmetrical, precision stainless steel rotors optimize pump performance and improve bearing life.
  • Air cooling requires no additional cooling water system - greater simplicity and reliability.
  • High quality, zero-loss condensate drains.
  • Maintenance-free water separators.
  • Advanced color HMI touchscreen control panel.
    • Real-time temperature and pressure graphs.
    • Easily programmable limits.
    • Internal data-logging, able to be extracted via USB.
  • Dry contacts for remote monitoring with optional BACnet gateway.


N/A Systems feature 2 stage, air-cooled compression. Heat exchangers include an intercooler, aftercooler, and oil cooler with vertically oriented cooling.

  • 1 Performance and maximum pressure shown at sea level conditions.