These high quality German designed and manufactured air compressors are delivered as one common package, ready for your electrician and piping contractor to connect to your plant's pipework.  All the required components are mounted on the horizontal air receiver.  You will receive the air compressor, air dryer, tank drain and filter pak already mounted and piped together.

The advantage to a prepackaged system is that all the labor involved with piping the components together is taken car of at the factory.  You do not need to figure out how the dryer connects to the compressor or whether the filter comes before or after the air receiver.  You can drop it into place and go back to doing those things that make you money.

High pressure models available

Unit of Measure


N/A 15 hp

Operating Pressure Range

N/A 125 psig


N/A 53 cfm

Noise Level

N/A 65 dB(A)