Kaeser's new DSD compressors combine our proprietary optimized Sigma profile airend and Sigma control system with the latest one-to-one drive technology. They also incorporate optimized designs for reducing maintenance, attenuating noise and providing superior after cooling.
Unit of Measure



N/A 671 cfm865 cfm877 cfm992 cfm


  • Performance rated in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 test code
  • Noise level measured at 3 feet according to CAGI
  • Weights may vary slightly depending on airend model
  • Operating Pressure Range

    N/A 110 psig125 psig145 psig190 psig


    N/A 200 hp

    Dimensions Std. Unit (L X W X H)

    N/A 87 5/8 x 77 1/4 x 74 1/4 inches

    Weight Std. Unit

    N/A 7630 lbs

    Noise Level

    N/A 73 dB(A)