The SEPREMIUM 130 is desgined to separate oil from condensate that is extracted from compressed air systems. The SEPREMIUM 130  condensate separator covers compressor capacities up to 130 scfm.

The separation method of the SEPREMIUM 130 is the same as its larger family members and therefore offers true condensate separation values for the smaller compressor applications.

Commercial Benefits

  • Separation of all types of compressor lubricants
  • Compact design (wall mounting bracket optionally available)
  • TEST valve and kit feature to test oil ppm residue
  • The SEPREMIUM does not incorporate a settling reservoir (no bacteria growth)
  • Clothing kit included

Technical Advantages

  • Any type of condensate drain can be applied
  • No de-rating required
  • Easy serviceable/maintenance

Compressor capacity: 130 cfm
Max oil adsorption white element: 1 gallons
High performance white element: 1
Activated carbon element: 1
Inlet connection: 1/2"
Outlet connection: 1/2"
TEST valve: Yes
Housing material: PE
Total recyclable: Yes
Housing color: Ral 7026
Lid color: Ral 7021

Unit of Measure

Inlet Size

N/A 1/2"

Outlet Size

N/A 1/2"


N/A 130 cfm

Max Oil Adsorption

N/A 1 gal

Approx Weight

N/A 15 lbs


N/A Puro Mini 9513