Downstream of KOR/KOX & Desiccant Air Dryer
  • Liquid Removal: 0%
  • Maximum Liquid Loading: 0 ppm w/w
  • Solid Particle Removal: 0.01 micron
  • Vapor Carry-Over: 0.003 ppm w/w
  • Pressure Drop: Dry: 1 psi; Wet: N/A
Unit of Measure


Air Flow at 100 psig

N/A 11875 cfm

Connection Size

N/A 8 in Flange

Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 225 psig


N/A 33 in


N/A 69 1/8 in


N/A 709 lb

Standard Features of Filters

N/A Plugged Drain Port (Manual drain recommended, automatic drain trap not required)

Model Type

N/A Pressure Vessel

Liquid Removal

N/A 0 %

Maximum Liquid Loading

N/A 0 ppm w/w

Solid Particle Removal

N/A 0.01 µ

Vapor Carry-Over

N/A 0.003 ppm w/w

Pressure Drop - Dry

N/A 1 psi

Maximum Inlet Temperature

N/A 150 ºF

General Description

N/A Superior Filtration for Increased Productivity

Kaeser Gives You the Air Quality You Require

Ambient air contains contaminants that are drawn into the compressor. These contaminants are concentrated during compression and find their way into the compressed air system. A typical compressed air system is contaminated with abrasive solid particles such as dirt, rust and pipe scale, compressor lubricants, condensed water droplets, and oil and hydrocarbon vapors.

Contaminated compressed air systems increase operating costs by robbing the air system of useful power. This results in reduced efficiency, damaged air operated equipment, higher maintenance and repair costs, reduced production caused by downtime, and increased product rejections.

The properly sized and selected Kaeser filter(s) in conjunction with the appropriate dryer will remove these contaminants. This will allow the compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required for the particular application whether it’s plant air, instrument air, or breathing air.

High Performance Filters and Separators

N/A Designed and developed using the latest innovations and manufacturing techniques, Kaeser filter housings are designed with larger flow areas to ensure low pressure drop and to provide easier installation, operation and maintenance. The result is consistent product quality while minimizing operating costs.

Kaeser Reduces the Cost of Compressed Air

N/A Kaeser filters remove more contaminants with less pressure drop. Compare the operating pressure drop of competitive brand filters and remember, for every extra 2 psi of pressure drop, power requirements increase by 1 %.

With a complete selection of application-specific filter types, sizes, technical service and support, Kaeser offers a customized solution for all of your compressed air quality needs.

Standard Features and Benefits


  1. Delta P Slide Indicator
    Ensures economical operation by changing color when filter element requires replacement. Fitted as standard on filters up to 60 scfm (excluding KVA).

  2. Color Coded Elements
    Allows easy identification. Elements are designed using the latest media innovations and manufacturing technology.

  3. Internal Automatic Drain
    Reliably discharges collected condensate (excluding KVA and KFS 250 and above).

  4. Delta P Gauge
    Large, easy-to-read dual gauge faces allow housings to be mounted in any flow direction. Fitted as standard on filters from 100 scfm and up (except KVA).

  5. Modular Connections
    Space-saving design allows housings to be connected in series without additional piping.

  6. Liquid Level Indicator
    Visually monitor liquid level and verify drain operation.

Modular Housings for Flows Up to 780 scfm


  • Manufactured from top quality aluminum and steel
  • Epoxy powder coated (interior and exterior) for added durability and corrosion resistance
  • All filter types fit same size housings
  • 1/8 turn bayonet head to bowl connections for easy access (20 to 170 scfm)
  • Threaded connection for 250 scfm and up
  • Optimized air flow through housing minimizes pressure drop
  • The tapered housing and non-turbulent lower filter zone prevents condensate from being picked up by the air flow
  • Audible warning if disassembly attempted while housing under pressure
  • Wall mounting brackets available

Enhanced Performance


  • Latest filter media technology results in higher efficiencies and lower Delta P
  • Additional filter types for extra critical applications
  • 150 ºF maximum inlet temperature
  • 250 psig maximum working pressure(pressure vessels, 225 psig)
  • Push-on element for quick, reliable replacement
  • Coalescing filters have new structure
  • Optimum filter efficiency even at low airflow of up to five percent of nominal flow
  • Filter element seals to filter head
  • Stainless steel support sleeves, oil and acid resistant coated collars and end caps

Premium Options


  1. Filter Monitor
    • Microprocessor control and LCD display
    • Indicates optimum element replacement based on:

    • - Operating time
      - Differential pressure
      - Filter type

    • Filter replacement "warning"
    • Continuously measures differential pressure

  2. Filter Connection Set
    Quickly isolates condensate drain for easy maintenance without interrupting air supply.

  3. Eco-Drain
    • Non-wearing electronic probe does not have moving parts
    • Reliably discharges condensate, but not costly compressed air
    • Self-checking electronics with automatic alarm test button, and voltage free alarm contact
    • LEDs for power supply and alarm


N/A Maximum inlet temperature is 150 ºF.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.