Smaller, lighter, quieter and more efficient than other conventional generators, the power of a Mi-T-M inverter generator is ultra-clean and in a form that can be used to power sensitive electronic equipment like smartphones, tablets, computers and medical devices.


(1) 120V, 20A Duplex; (1) 12V DC 8.0A

Unit of Measure



N/A Mi-T-M


N/A 120 V

Maximum Current

N/A 16.7 A

Surge Power

N/A 2000 W

Rated Power

N/A 1600 W

Current for 12 Volt (V) Direct Current (DC) Motor

N/A 8 A

Engine Model

N/A 79cc Mi-T-M OHV

Engine Displacement

N/A 79 cm³

Maximum Noise Level

N/A 63 dBA

Fuel Tank Capacity

N/A 1.1 gal

1/4 Load Run Time

N/A 10.5 hours

Starting Method

N/A Recoil

Dry Weight

N/A 48 lb

Packaged Dimensions

Package Length

N/A 19.6 in

Package Width

N/A 11.4 in

Package Height

N/A 18 in