Five Forms Of Power - One Unit, Hydraulically Driven

The Air N Arc® 300 Hydraulic All-In-One Power System® features the innovation of being hydraulically driven, while still offering all the advantages of the Air N Arc® 300 engine drive system including a 40 CFM rotary screw air compressor, 300 AMP welder, 300 AMP 12 V charger and 12V/24 V booster, and 7 kW generator. Designed as a true two generator system, the Air N Arc® 300 Hydraulic allows simultaneous dual functionality such as welding and generator for lights for nighttime service. The system offers a small footprint for side pack or behind-the-cab mounting and is ideal for trucks with hydraulics already installed, such as crane trucks.
Unit of Measure



N/A Air N Arc® Vanair®

Drive System

N/A Open Center Hydraulic

Hydraulic Flow at 2800 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi) Pressure (Multifunction)

N/A 19 gpm

Hydraulic Flow at 2500 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi) Pressure (Single Function)

N/A 14.5 gpm

Compressor Type

N/A Rotary Screw


N/A 40 cfm

Maximum Rated Pressure

N/A 175 psi


N/A Lifetime


Peak Alternating Current (AC) Power

N/A 7 kW

Continuous Alternating Current (AC) Generator Power

N/A 6.8 kW


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 1

Generator Outlet Voltage

N/A 120 V240 V


Welder Current at 100 Percent Duty Cycle

N/A 270 A

Welder Operating Constant Current (CC) Range

N/A 40 to 300 A

Welder Constant Voltage (CV) Range

N/A 15 to 30 V

Battery Charge/Booster

N/A 300 AMPs 12 V/24 V Boost, 50 AMP 12 V Charge


  • High Frequency DC Welding
  • Independent DC Welder
  • Safe Multi-Function

Dimensions with Fittings

Length with Fittings

N/A 48.7 in

Width with Fittings

N/A 21 in

Height with Fittings

N/A 30.9 in

Dry Weight with Control Panel

N/A 621 lb



N/A Ratings are approximate and are based on 120 ºF hydraulic fluid temperature. Add 400 PSI minimum to hydraulic requirements for hydraulic system continuous pressure ratings. Consult Vanair® for specific details.

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Special Features

Special Features

  • Single Function 14.5 GPM Model is Suitable for Ford® 4X4 Super Duty and Dodge® Trucks
  • True Two Generator System for Safe Multifunction of Welder and Electric Tools
  • Small Footprint - Will Fit on Side Pack or Behind Cab
  • Integrated Hydraulic Cooler
  • CV MIG Capability
  • One Unit to Start all Your Equipment with Battery Charge and Boost Capability
  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Air on Demand
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive System for Anti-vibration and Long Service Intervals
  • Integrated Lift Hook
  • Designed with Hinged Lid for Easy Maintenance
  • Powder Coated Sheet Metal
  • Galvannealed Steel

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

  • Rotary Screw Compressor - Encapsulated
  • 40 CFM at 150 PSI

Generator Specifications

Generator Specifications

  • Independent AC Power for Safe Multi-functioning
  • Brushless
  • Smooth Wave for Minimal Distortion
  • Two-120 V Outlets and One-240 V Outlet

Remote Control Panel

Remote Control Panel

  • Provides Ultimate User Convenience and Safety
  • All Functions Accessible at Panel. No Need to Jump In and Out of Vehicle.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Welding Cables - 25', 50'
  • Welding Helmet with Auto Darkening Lens
  • Battery Booster Cables
  • Cable Extension Segment
  • Remote Air Tank - 30 Gallon
  • Remote Condensation Drain
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Welding

Hydraulic System Requirements

Hydraulic System Requirements

N/A All hydraulic ratings and pressures are at the machine and do not take into account the pressure drops of individual hydraulic systems. These pressure drops need to be taken into account and added to the rating of the hydraulic pump and components. Vanair® highly recommends consulting a hydraulic supply expert for specifying the correct hydraulic pump size and type, oil reservoir size, hydraulic cooler, hydraulic pressure relief, and other hydraulic supply components for your application. Please take into consideration the following: the hydraulic flow and pressure requirements of the air compressor, the continuous hydraulic load when the compressor is running, the duty cycle and ambient operating temperatures, and any other hydraulic equipment that may share the same hydraulic supply system (Vanair® recommends a dedicated pump and hydraulic circuit).