Unit of Measure

Generator Specifications


N/A Airman®

Generator Type

N/A Airman® Generator End

Armature Connection

N/A Star with Neutral Zig Zag

Number of Poles

N/A 4


N/A F-Class


N/A Brushless with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Voltage Regulation (±)

N/A 0.5 %

Power Factor

N/A 0.8


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Prime Power

N/A 65 kVA50 kW

Standby Power

N/A 67 kVA53.6 kW

Voltage at Single Phase (Switchable)

N/A 120 V240 V277 V

Voltage at Three Phase (Switchable)

N/A 208 V240 V416 V480 V


Current at Single Phase 120 Volt (V)

N/A 152 A x 2

Current at Single Phase 240 Volt (V)

N/A 152 A

Current at Three Phase 208 Volt (V)

N/A 167 A

Current at Three Phase 240 Volt (V)

N/A 152 A

Current at Three Phase 480 Volt (V)

N/A 76 A


Engine Model

N/A Kubota V3800

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Emission Level

N/A Tier 4 Interim

Engine Type

N/A 4-Cycle, Water-Cooled, Direct Injection

Number of Cylinders

N/A 4

Output Power at Rated Speed 1800 Revolutions Per Minute (rpm)

N/A 89.5 hp

Governor Type

N/A Electronic

Integral Fuel Tank Capacity

N/A 106 gal

Fuel Containment

N/A 110 %

Lubricating Oil Capacity

N/A 3.5 gal

Coolant Capacity

N/A 2.9 gal

Battery Type

N/A 12 V x 1 (12 V System)

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption at Full Load

N/A 3.8 gal/h

Fuel Consumption at 75 Percent Load

N/A 2.9 gal/h

Fuel Consumption at 50 Percent Load

N/A 2.1 gal/h

Run Time at Full Load

N/A 27.8 hours

Weight and Dimensions

Length without Trailer

N/A 82 in

Width without Trailer

N/A 39 in

Height without Trailer

N/A 61 in

Length with Trailer

N/A 144 in

Width with Trailer

N/A 70 in

Height with Trailer

N/A 73 in

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

N/A 5500 lb

Trailer Weight

N/A 1225 lb

Dry Weight

N/A 4025 lb

Operating Weight

N/A 4795 lb

Sound Level at 23 Feet (ft) (No Load)

N/A 65 dBA

Sound Level at 23 Feet (ft) (Full Load)

N/A 65 dBA



N/A The industry's first choice!
  • Delta Demand Excitation delivers the industry's best motor starting capability and automatically adjusts under variable loads
  • Curbside electrical panel for increased safety
  • Electronic Fuel Primer and Air Bleed (EFPA) for easy priming and minimal downtime
  • 24-hour run time on all units
  • Extended run time through external fuel connection
  • Large mechanical lugs allow for easy connection in hard wire applications
  • 110% fluid containment and external drain for increased safety

Excellent Warranty

Excellent Warranty

  • 1 year 1500 hour bumper to bumper warranty
  • 2 year 2000 hour alternator warranty
  • 2 year 2000 hour full engine warranty



N/A All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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