This is the ideal integration solution for electric buses in order to control the braking system and door opening. It meets the requirements of reliability, efficiency, user-friendliness, if compared to a piston compressor with the same airflow rate. Moreover, running and maintenance costs are extremely lower than those of a rotary vane compressor. Minimum footprint. Equipped with an interface box with control and feeding signals.
Unit of Measure



N/A Compack 2 AR Basic

Motor Power

N/A 4.0 hp3.0 kW

Tank Capacity

N/A 7 L1.84 gal

Maximum Pressure

N/A 10 bar145 psi

Air Flow-Rate

N/A 290 L/min10.2 cfm

Sound Level

N/A 65 dB(A)


N/A 3/8 in


N/A 55 kg121 lb

Air Release at 10 bar

N/A 290 L/min

Compressor Type

N/A Rotary Screw

Fields of Application

N/A Agricultural Field: Ripe Fruit Knocking-down Alternative Energies (biogas centers, wood splinters) Carpenter's shops Dental Studios Dynamic Cinemas Fashion & Textile Facilities Food Laboratories Goldsmiths' Workshops Graphic Design Studios Light Carpentry: Spray varnishing, drying, sandblasting, plasma cutting, cleaning Mobile Workshop/Racing Small Machine shops Special Applications: Electric Buses Wood Construction

Power Supply

Power Supply Voltage

N/A 400 V

Power Supply Phase

N/A 3

Power Supply Frequency

N/A 50 Hz



N/A 74 cm


N/A 62 cm


N/A 62 cm

Integrated Air - End

Integrated Air - End

N/A Compack is made up of a state of the art pumping air-end, the most compact in the field, integrating the main components of a screw compressor (air-end, separator tank, thermostatic and minimum pressure valve, intake valve) and being groundbreaking in the in the choice of materials: a steel core in an aluminum case.

Plus Compack

Plus Compack

N/A COMPACK stands for an authentic revolution in the field, leveraging the technical and technological standards of an industrial screw compressor on the markets which until some time ago were exclusively a prerogative of a piston compressor. Thanks to the Heating System that eliminates the condensate problem, COMPACK is also designed to run discontinuously, that is at fixed intervals. Moreover, in terms of the same quantity of air released, it guarantees energy efficiency if compared to a piston compressor with the same airflow rate.
  • Greatest energy efficiency
  • Designed as a big compressor
  • Cooling circuit
  • Best performance in just a small amount of space
  • Anti-condensation system
  • Low noise levels
  • Turnkey products with an aluminum case
  • Fast and economical maintenance
  • Electronic control board - ON/OFF system

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Compack embodies the greatest KTC's technological innovation.

KTC’s Research and Development Dept., oriented towards the greatest user-friendliness of a screw compressor fulfills this approach with Compack, thanks to a great number of customized applications and solutions.

The reason is that Compack has just one standard: excellence.

Compack as a matter of fact is a compact and extremely performing integrated system: all the advantages of an industrial compressor in just a small amount of space.



  • Direct-driven
  • Direct start; ON/OFF system with pressure switch
  • Floor-standing
  • Air release: 290 l/min at 10 bar
  • Anti-condensation system