Pre-configured filter, dryer, and pressure regulator packages

› Pre-configured FDR packages include all required filtration

› Custom configurations available to suit application

› Min. ambient air temperature: 34 °F

› Max. standard operating temperature: 130 °F

› Max. standard operating pressure: 140 psig

› Max. optional operating temperature: 160 °F

› Max. optional operating pressure: 232 psig

Maintenance Interval: 4,000 - 8,000 hours

Unit of Measure


Flow Rate

N/A 16.73 scfm

Connection Size (NPT)

N/A 1/4 in

Dimension A

N/A 18.50 in

Dimension B

N/A 6.88 in

Dimension C

N/A 1.06 in

Maximum Standard Operating Temperature

N/A 130 ºF

Maximum Standard Operating Pressure

N/A 140 psig

Maximum Optional Operating Temperature

N/A 160 ºF

Maximum Optional Operating Pressure

N/A 232 psig

Differential Pressure

N/A 1.45 to 4.35 psid

Integrated Pre-Filtration

N/A 0.01 µm

Inlet PDP (Pressure Dew Point)

N/A +40 to +100 ºF

Outlet PDP (Pressure Dew Point) for Purge Air 10 %

N/A +22 to +65 ºF

Outlet PDP (Pressure Dew Point) for Purge Air 17 %

N/A 0 to +35 ºF

Outlet PDP (Pressure Dew Point) for Purge Air 25 %

N/A -30 to -4 ºF

Outlet PDP (Pressure Dew Point) for Purge Air 28 %

N/A -40 to -20 ºF

Purge Air

N/A 10 %17 %25 %28 %


N/A 7.27 lb


N/A 5 years

Standard Features and Benefits

N/A Twist 45 Technology:
Highest possible performance from a membrane with 45º wound fiber.

Maximum Reliability:
Provides consistent dew point suppression and lasting performance even in the most demanding environments.

Highest Performance:
Saves energy with zero electricity required and achieves dew point in a minimal amount of time with minimum purge.

Maintenance Free:
With no moving parts or electrical components trouble-free operation is achieved even in mobile applications.

Perfect Design:
The small footprint combined with the variety of configurations possible make an ideal choice for all types of applications.