The Powerex® Laboratory Open Scroll Air Compressor System is designed to provide clean, dry air for applications where the quality of the compressed air is critical. The standard unit is rated for a maximum of 116 PSIG.
Unit of Measure


Dimension A

N/A 38 in

Dimension B

N/A 105 in

Dimension C

N/A 83 in

Number of Inlets

N/A 2

Optional Inlet Size

N/A 1 1/2 in

Outlet Size

N/A 1 in


N/A Triplex


N/A 7.5 hp
Air Flow at 100 psig1 N/A 69.3 scfm

Tank Capacity

N/A 200 gal
Compressor Capacity2 N/A 57250 Btu/hr

Noise Level

N/A 77 dBA

System Full Load Current (F.L.A) at 208 V

N/A 5906 A

System Full Load Current (F.L.A) at 230 V

N/A 53.9 A

System Full Load Current (F.L.A) at 460 V

N/A 28.0 A

System Weight

N/A 2900 lb

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A UL508-A listed

Open Scroll Air Compressor System

N/A The package shall include multiple oil-less scroll air compressors and associated equipment. The only field connections required will be system intake if remote intake option is chosen, exhaust, and power connection at the control panel.

Oilless Scroll Compressor Pumps

N/A Each compressor shall be belt driven oil-less rotary scroll single stage, air-cooled construction with absolutely no oil needed for operation. Direct drive compressors shall not be used.

  • The rotary design shall not require any inlet or exhaust valves and shall be rated for 100% continuous duty
  • Tip seals shall be of a composite PTFE material and be rated for 8,000 hours operation.
  • Compressor bearings shall be external to the air compression chamber and shall all be serviceable for extended compressor life. Bearing maintenance shall not be required until 8,000 run hours. Compressors with bearings that are not accessible for service have a limited life span and shall not be accepted. Compressors shall have an integral radial flow fan for cooling and shall not require any additional electric cooling fans.
  • Each compressor shall have flexible connectors on intake and discharge, an electric drive motor, a discharge check valve, an air-cooled aftercooler, a condensate separator* and a high discharge temperature shut down switch.
  • Each compressor module shall have an isolation valve and a moisture separator* with automatic drain.


N/A Each compressor shall be belt driven by a ODP NEMA construction motor. OSHA approved belt guards shall be provided.

Motor Slide Base

N/A Maintenance feature designed for easy adjustment of belt tension from the motor side on the basemount assembly.

  • Robust single screw linear belt tension adjustment
  • Custom compact design

Service Slide

N/A The service slide enables easy maintenance access to each pump and motor basemount without having to remove them from the system.

  • Unique maintenance friendly base mount slide design
  • Allows safe access to important system components necessary for improved pump life
  • Allows faster component replacement time

Air Receiver

N/A The system shall include an ASME air receiver rated for 200 PSI MAWP. The tank shall be equipped with:

  • A pressure gauge and a safety relief valve
  • By-pass valves to allow tank isolation without system shutdown
  • A sight gauge
  • An automatic electronic tank drain with manual override
The receiver shall be internally lined with an FDA approved material for corrosion resistance.

Premium NFPA Control Panel

N/A The control system provides automatic lead/lag sequencing and automatic alternation of all compressors in order to equalize the amount of usage among the available compressors. The Premium NFPA Control Panel shall include a gateway server card and all features listed below

  • Building automation communication gateway with BacNet® protocol and Web server features. Web server features include email notifications in case the system is in alarm or has achieved one of its maintenance intervals and requires service.
  • Ethernet port for connection to BacNet® server or direct connection to facility Ethernet for viewing of system operations and status via device IP-address
  • UL508-A listed control panel in a NEMA 4/12 enclosure. The panel door will include:
    • 6" Color touch-screen
    • HOA (hand-off-auto) switch for each pump
    • 3-position Dryer control switch (dryer1-bothdryer2)
    • 95 dbA alarm horn
    • Acknowledge push-button (to silence the horn)
    The 6-inch color touch-screen will display
  • Pump status: On, Off, or Ready
  • Pump Faults/Service state: High temperature, overload trip, service required
  • Pump run hours
  • System pressure
  • System Dew-point
  • Trends
  • Pump information screens will display pump maint intervals with required service
  • System alarm screen
    • Low Pressure Alarm
    • General Fault Alarm (Pump faults)
    • Air Quality Alarm (Dew-point or optional CO)
    • Pump Maint required
    • Dryer and monitor service notices
    • Alarm log
Dry contacts are provided on a labeled terminal strip for remote monitoring of all system alarms.

Air Purification Package

N/A The air purification package shall consist of the following: dual desiccant air dryers, dual filter and regulator bank with sample ports, and dew point monitor with alarms, and all bypass piping. Piping to be brass, stainless, or type K copper, and cleaned for medical air use. All components shall be mounted piped and wired to the air receiver.

Desiccant Air Dryers

N/A The twin-tower, heatless desiccant air dryer shall yield a pressure dew point of -40 ºF. The dryer shall be installed and plumbed on a common steel skid to the air receiver (400 gallon and larger tanks are mounted separately). The dryer design shall be of the automatic pressure swing, heatless, regenerative type and shall include a purge muffler for quiet operation.

The filtration system shall consist of 2 stages of filtration mounted and plumbed to the air dryer. The first stage of filtration shall include a centrifugal water separation section and a 5 micron filter element with element coalescing vibration or .01 micron coalescing pre-filter with element change indicator and automatic condensate drain and installed up-stream of the air dryer. The second stage shall include a 1 micron particulate filter with element change indicator and installed downstream of the air dryer. Activated carbon final filters are optional.

Dryer controls to include dryer alternating timer and slow acting automatic valves to open lag dryer for use based on dew point achieved. Each dryer is factory sized for flow with one compressor unit in reserve.

Filtration And Pressure Reducing Station

N/A Each filter/dryer/regulator assembly shall be plumbed with bypass valves to enable service without disrupting air flow to the facility. Each assembly also includes a sample air port. The filtration systems consist of two stages of filtration as outlined above in the Desiccant Air Dryers section. Additionally, each assembly shall include:

  • A dual set of pressure reducing valves with pressure gauges shall be installed downstream of the final filters and shall be adjusted to an outlet pressure of 115 psig.

Additional Information

N/A Each system is completely tested before shipment and includes:

  • Multiple oil-less scroll air compressors and associated equipment
  • Corrosion resistant air receiver
  • Desiccant air dryers with purge control
  • Control panel
  • Dew point monitor
The only field connections required will be system intake, exhaust, and power connection at the control panel. All interconnecting piping, wiring, and vibration isolation pads are included with the system.


N/A 10 hp systems will have one separator per two pumps

  • 1 SCFM values and BTU/HR levels are shown with all pumps running

    dB(A) is shown with all pumps running
  • 2 Powerex® recommends using performance ratings in SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) when sizing laboratory air systems.