The 600 has new features making it comfortable to wear, easier to maintain, and more durable, promising a long service life. The Apollo 600 is a single-shell helmet with two adjustable suspension options.

The Apollo 60 features double-shell construction, sound-deadening foam, and large window.

The Apollo 20 is the economical choice with simplified cooling and single shell construction.

If you are using a separate air pump to provide breathing air, choose the 600LP, 60LP, or 20LP.

Unit of Measure
Apollo 600 HP/LP

Apollo 600 LP Helmet
Web Price $487.48

Apollo 60 HP/LP Respirator

Apollo 60 LP Helmet
Web Price $749.97

Apollo 20 HP

Apollo 20 LP Helmet
Web Price $462.48
Airflow N/A 7-15 cfm
Air Pressure N/A 8-15 psi
Air Grade N/A D