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VMAC RAPTAIR-MF Multifunction Diesel Driven

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Are fuel savings a priority to you? Do you have equipment that needs to be run by hydraulics, compressed air, and electricity? The VMAC Raptair-MF may be your solution; it is a multi-function system that includes an air compressor, welder, generator, battery charger,battery booster, and has hydraulic capabilities through an integrated SAE ‘A’ PTO Port. You can add a Hydraulic Pump onto the available PTO Port on the VMAC RAPTAIR-MF and have adequate hydraulic power for various equipment needs.The RAPTAIR-MF utilizes VMAC’s advanced compressor control system that is smart enough to turn the engine off when you’re not using air, and automatically turn the engine back on when you use air again. This totally self-contained unit is a must have.

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