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Reducing Kits

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Extreme safety. The PE pipe system is made of a ductile plastic tested to pass tough California OSHA standards for compressed air applications. Unlike other plastics that may shatter, PE pipe simply ruptures at extreme pressures (797 psi during CAL OSHA testing). Even when exposed to pressures exceeding 460 psi for 1000 hours, or when struck by blunt objects at normal operating pressures, PE pipe maintains its integrity and does not shatter. Unlike PVC - which was never designed for compressed air applications - PE (Polyethylene) Systems were designed for compressed air applications, offering high performance and safety.

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Industry Standards/Certifications

727826432 Reducing Kit 32 - 25 OSHA
727826433 Reducing Kit 40 - 20 OSHA
727826434 Reducing Kit 40 - 25 OSHA
727826435 Reducing Kit 40 - 32 OSHA
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 

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