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VCX Rotary Claw Vacuum Pumps

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The Airtech® VCX positive displacement rotary claw design is air cooled, dry-running and non-contacting. These features, along with quality construction results in a vacuum pump that is extremely high in reliability and a long service life. The non-contact design eliminates internal wear and maintenance. No water levels to check due to air-cooled operation and no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the pumping chamber.

The claw shaped rotors inside the pump housing rotate in opposite directions, compressing the air and discharging through a silencer to the atmosphere. The anti-suck back valve in the inlet flange prevents back flow into the pumping chamber. The two rotors are synchronized by gears that are oil lubricated to facilitate a long gear life.

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Item #


Ultimate Vacuum

Ultimate Vacuum (Continuous Operation)

Motor Rating


VCX 100 70.6 cfm 28.44 inHg 25.5 inHg 3 hp 3450 rpm
VCX 150 106 cfm 28.44 inHg 27 inHg 5 hp 3450 rpm
VCX 250 166 cfm 28.44 inHg 24 inHg 7.5 hp 3450 rpm
VCX 300 212 cfm 28.44 inHg 24 inHg 7.5 hp 3450 rpm
VCX 400 272 cfm 28.44 inHg 22.5 inHg 10 hp 3450 rpm
VCX 505 353 cfm 28.44 inHg 22.5 inHg 15 hp 3450 rpm
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 

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