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POGO Gate Opener

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Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

The Original Railcar Gate Opener (POGO) - The POGO makes opening hopper car gates faster and safer; no more pulling and pushing on long breaker bars.  With its fixed wheel position, the POGO I is the most economical version of the POGO line.  It is ideal for the operation that only unloads a few cars at a time.

The POGO II suspends from a customer supplied I-Beam.  This configuration allows you to follow the cars down the rail while opening the gates on the run.  The POGO II is available in both pneumatic and electric versions.

The POGO III is the POGO I version with pivoting wheels.  It is ideal when you need to unload cars on the run but do not have an easy or economical way to attach the POGO II to an overhead I-Beam.

Using only a finger tip control, the user can bring 11,000 foot pounds of torque to bear on even the most difficult gate.

No one sells more pneumatic gate openers than Compressed Air Systems.  The largest cement, grainery and ethanol plants trust us to deliver what they need when they need it.  Is your gate opener down?  Compressed Air can rent you a POGO opener while we fix yours.

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Item Name

Air Consumption



POGO I POGO I Gate Opener 48 cfm (100 psi) 11,000 ft. lbs 220 lbs
POGO II POGO II Gate Opener 48 cfm (100 psi) 11,000 ft. lbs 230 lbs
POGO III POGO III Gate Opener 48 cfm (100 psi) 11,000 ft. lbs 265 lbs
POGO IV POGO IV Gate Opener 48 cfm (100 psi) 11,000 ft. lbs N/A
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 

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