The UNDERHOOD™ 40 rotary screw air compressor is the best solution for service trucks and operators who use small air tools for light duty applications. The UNDERHOOD™ 40 is the lightest weight mobile air compressor available. This compact lightweight, and powerful air compressor mounts in the engine compartment of the truck, with engineered applications for Ford, GMC/Chevrolet, and RAM.
Unit of Measure

WHASP Dimensions

Height with Oil Filter

N/A 17.5 in

Width with Oil Filter

N/A 8 in

Length with Oil Filter

N/A 19.75 in


Duty Cycle

N/A 100 %

Compressor Type

N/A Belt-Driven VMAC Oil-Injected Rotary Screw

Rated Air Capacity at 100 psi (150 psi Maximum)

N/A 40 cfm

Approximate Weight (Wet)

N/A 62 lb28.1 kg


N/A Combined air/oil cooler and air/oil separator tank


N/A Application Engineered Easy Installation Mounts in OEM Optional Secondary Alternator Position

Throttle Control

N/A Two-speed Operation
Digital throttle control connects to OBD2 CAN bus connector*
Automatically modulates engine RPM depending on air usage
High idle adjustment
*2019+ model truck years only

Interface Panel

N/A Easy to Read Hour Meter On/Off Controls with Indicator Light

Safety Features


  • Compressor thermal protection circuit
  • Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
  • 200 psi overpressure safety valve
  • Electro-magnetic clutch

Why Choose UNDERHOOD™ 40?

N/A Why Choose UNDERHOOD™40?

  • Do you require compressed air to run your air tools?
  • Is space at a premium and you can't afford to lose valuable room?
  • Are you concerned with carrying fuel for a gas-powered compressor?
  • Have you had to reduce what you can carry due to payload concerns?
  • Is your productivity affected by using compressors that don’t run at 100% duty cycle?


N/A Call for information on below freezing applications