MST®'s Model 8063801 Low Pressure Alarm is a low pressure warning system utilized to alert an operator using compressed air for various pressure sensitive applications.

Model 8063801 is designed to allow the user to pre-select a low pressure alarm setting between 30 and 300 psi with a 1% repeatability accuracy. The Factory preset alarm setting is 100 psi, which can be changed by the user if desired.

Model 8063801 operates from the included Continuous Operating Adapter (P/N 80247), or it can be operated from the replaceable internal 9 volt transistor battery for short periods of time. The unit also includes a provision to attach an optional external audible alarm/strobe (P/N 8066901) or strobe (P/N 8008503) to further assure the safety of the operator(s).
Unit of Measure




Output Types

N/A Audible Visual


N/A The Alarm Set Point should be verified prior to each use to assure the unit is operating properly and no one has tampered with the device.

Storage Temperature

N/A -65 to 160 ºF-54 to 71 ºC

Ambient Operating Temperature Limits

N/A 0 to 160 ºF-18 to 71 ºC


N/A Set Point Repeats After 15 G, 10 millisecond Duration


N/A Set Point Repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 CPS

Set Point Repeatability (±) of Adjustable Range

N/A 1 %

Enclosure Material

N/A Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Pressure Connection Size

N/A 1/4 in

Pressure Connection Type

N/A Male National Pipe Thread (MNPT)

Pressure Adjustment Range

N/A 30 to 300 psi2.1 to 20.7 bar


N/A 1 lb454 g

Electrical Requirements

N/A Internal 9 Volt Transistor Battery
80247 Continuous Operating Adapter

Piezo Alarm at 1 Feet (ft) (0.3 Meter (m)) Sound Level

N/A 85 dBA

Over Range Pressure

Over Range Pressure

N/A 400 psi27.6 bar

Note for Over Range Pressure

N/A The Maximum pressure that may be applied continuously without causing damage and maintaining set point repeatability.

Proof Pressure

Proof Pressure

N/A 500 psi34.5 bar

Maximum Proof Pressure

N/A 600 psi41.4 bar

Note for Proof Pressure

N/A The Maximum pressure to which the pressure sensor may be occasionally subjected, which causes no permanent damage. The unit may require calibration (e.g. start-up, testing).



N/A 5.2 in132 mm


N/A 5.5 in140 mm


N/A 2.6 in65 mm

General Operation

General Operation

N/A Model 8063801 is designed to sense a drop in pressure due to air compressor failure or some other failure that could cause a loss in pressure such as an air line rupturing, valve inadvertently being closed, etc. The unit, when mounted to any suitable airline via the 1/4" NPT pipe connection located at the base of the unit, will alarm once the pressure drops to the preset level. Both an audible and visual signal will indicate the pressure has decreased to the preset level or below. When the unit senses pressures above the alarm set point, a green LED indicates that the unit has power and is operating normally. This feature can also be used to test the function of the internal battery by unplugging the 80247 Continuous Operating Adapter and observing the green LED. A solid green light indicates ample power. This test can also be performed while the unit is in an alarm condition.

Installation and Adjustment

Installation and Adjustment

N/A Locate a suitable place to mount or install the Model 8063801 unit and secure by threading the 1/4" NPT connection to the proper mating pipe size. Use ONLY THE FLAT AREA ON THE PRESSURE SWITCH to secure and tighten the unit. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN - USE THREAD TAPE. Should the factory pre-set level be satisfactory, the unit is ready to operate by pressurizing the system and turning the "ON-OFF" Switch to the "ON" position. If pressure is above preset alarm level setting, the green LED should illuminate. Should you need to adjust the switch to some other setting, carefully loosen the four (4) screws located at the four corners of the housing and carefully lift off front cover to expose the pressure switch and internal wiring/battery. Locate the white adjustment dial located at the base of the pressure switch. Note: The numbers located on the adjustment dial are for approximation only - DO NOT assume the setting noted on the dial is the alarm set pressure. Adjust system pressure to alarm set point level desired and turn adjustment dial until the unit just activates the alarm. Slowly increase the system pressure above this setting until alarm stops. Slowly lower system pressure until alarm activates. Note system pressure, and if this is the desired alarm set point, the unit is ready for operation. Readjust if necessary and replace front cover taking care not to pinch any wiring between housing and cover.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

N/A Part Number - 8066901
Description - Remote Alarm/Strobe (110 db(A)) with 20 ft wire/plug assembly

Part Number - 8008503
Description - Remote Strobe with 20 ft wire/plug assembly



N/A MST® Inc. Shall Not be Liable for any Injury, Loss or Damage, (Direct or Consequential), Arising out of the Use of or the Inability to Use this Product, Beyond the Replacement of Defective Materials or Workmanship. User of Supplied Air Respirators Should Evaluate their own Particular Application and Perform their Own Tests for Air Quality to Determine the Suitability for Use of this Product.