Zero compressed air losses

Condensate drains remove condensate separated in centrifugal separators, air receivers, refrigeration dryers and filters from the compressed air system. They are therefore indispensable components for efficient compressed air treatment and disruption-free compressed air supply.

Unit of Measure

Compressor Capacity

N/A 500 cfm

Dryer Capacity

N/A 900 cfm

Filter Capacity

N/A 5000 cfm

Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 230 psi

Min Working Pressure

N/A 12 psi

Max Working Temperature

N/A 140ºF

Min Working Temperature

N/A 34ºF

Inlet Size

N/A 1/2"

Condensate Discharge

N/A 3/8 in


N/A 3.6 lbs