The BEKOKAT® operates with a catalytic system (catalyst) which has been developed and optimized in particular for the total oxidation of hydrocarbons (lubricants, oil, anthropogenic air components, i.a. sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogenous gases) in compressed air.

Complete oil and bacteria removal system for compressed air.

› Attainable residual oil at outlet: ≤ .003 mg/m3

› Oil-free air independent from ambient conditions

› Produces germ-free, sterile air

› ISO 8573-1, Class 1 certified

› Min. / max. ambient conditions: 41 °F / 113 °F

› Min. / max. inlet air temperature: -41 °F / 131 °F

› Max. operating pressure: CC 035-425: 232 psig | CC 705: 160 psig

Maintenance Interval: < 8,000 hours

Unit of Measure


Flow Rate

N/A 705 scfm

Pipe Size (NPT)

N/A 2 1/2 in

Standard AC Voltage

N/A 230 V at 1 phase 460 V at 3 phase

Power Consumption (Stand-by kW)

N/A 0.2520 kW

Power Consumption (Full Load kW)

N/A 3.75 kW

Dimension A

N/A 85.3 in

Dimension B

N/A 64.9 in

Dimension C

N/A 41.3 in


N/A 1774 lb

Maximum Operating Pressure

N/A 160 psig

Attainable Oil Residue

N/A ≥ 0.003 mg/m³

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A +383 ºF

Installed Power

N/A 13.80 kW

Minimum Operating Temperature

N/A +41 ºF


N/A 5 years

Standard Features and Benefits

N/A Oil Free Compressed Air:
Continuously produced from any compressor type down to 0.003 mg/m3.

Independent of Conditions:
Stable residual oil content throughout the year, independent from any ambient condition.

Environmentally Friendly:
Produces oil free condensate of the highest quality.

Partial Load Operation:
Maximum process reliability regardless of production fluctuations.

Responsive Controls:
Ensures machine safety and operational accuracy.