Since 1901 the Chicago Pneumatic name has represented high-performance tools and equipment designed for an extensive range of applications. Today, Chicago Pneumatic has a global reach, with local customer centers around the world. Chicago Pneumatic tools, air compressors and generators are tailored to the needs of the industrial, vehicle service, and construction markets. Every day we develop and manufacture new products that are meant to meet your demands not only today, but tomorrow as well.
Unit of Measure


Model Compressor

N/A CPS 185
Actual Free Air Delivery1 N/A 185 cfm

Normal Working Pressure

N/A 100 psi

Maximum Unloading Pressure

N/A 125 psi

Fuel Tank Capacity

N/A 25 gal


N/A John Deere

Model Number

N/A 4024 TF 281

Cooling System

N/A Water/ (PAR Cool)


N/A 49 bhp

Number of Cylinders

N/A 4

Overall Length

N/A 125 in

Overall Width

N/A 60 in

Overall Height

N/A 55.25 in

Weight Wet

N/A 2375 lb

General Description

N/A CPS Series Portable Compressors

Reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility are the main characteristics of CP Portable Compressors. The range features proven designs with powerful engines from well-known, well-respected brands. With noise reducing enclosures and straightforward control panels, CP Portable Compressors are quiet and easy to use.

Control Panel

All user controls are conveniently located including start, stop, load and unload. The CPS 185JD control panel also provides protective shutdown for high engine temperature, low engine oil pressure and high compressor temperature.



  • 50' single hose reel
  • 50' dual hose reel
  • 100' single hose reel
  • 100' dual hose reel
  • 2" adjustable bulldog hitch
  • 18" extended drawbar with jockey wheel
  • Toolbox, external
  • Block heater (Recommended for cold climates)
  • Heavy duty battery (Recommended for cold climates)
  • Synthetic Oil (Recommended for cold climates)



  • 500 hour service interval
  • Tool storage box
  • Torsion bar suspension
  • Glow plugs
  • Recessed towing lights
  • Adjustable height hitch, jack stand and safety chains
  • Compressor shut downs - Engine Oil pressure, high engine temperature and high compressor oil temperature
  • Galvaneal sheet metal enclosure with powder coat paint


N/A Compressed air should never be supplied as breathing air unless air is properly purified for breathing. Chicago Pneumatic assumes no responsibility or liability related to the purchaser's/user's breathing air system.


N/A The information contained herein is general in nature and is not intended for specific construction, installation or application purposes.

Subject to change without prior notice.

  • 1 According to ISO1217 ed.3 1998 annex D.