Field portable, high production, single chamber blast machine, rated at 150 psi, (for one operator). Holds 2 cubic feet of blast media. Equipped with Millennium pneumatic remote controls and Quantum-K manual metering valve.
Unit of Measure

Shipping Weight

N/A 326 lbs

Optional Accessories

N/A Coupling, CQPS-2 Cover CPF Breathing Air Filter Screen

Dimension H x W x L

N/A 44 x 28 1/2 x 39 inches

Shipping Volume

N/A 39.7 ft³


N/A Green

Working Pressure

N/A 150 psig

Machine Diameter

N/A 16 inches

Net Weight

N/A 258 lbs


N/A Secured on Skid and shrink wrapped

Dimensions - Shipping (including skid) (LxWxH)

N/A 49 x 35 x 40 inches


  • Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain desired pressure at the nozzle - see chart in Blast Off 2 booklet
  • Maximum working pressure 150 psi
  • Minimum pressure 30 psi needed to operate OSHA-required remote control valves
  • NIOSH-approved supplied-air respirator
  • Grade D breathing-air supply, refer to the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification; G-7.1 for NIOSH-approved supplied-air respirator
  • Abrasive blast media - consult abrasive supplier for appropriate media for your application


  • Rated for 150-psi working pressure
  • 1/2-inch Millennium valve provides unrestricted air flow
  • Quantum-K metering valve maintains smooth, consistent flow, adjustment knob allows precise control of media flow
  • 29-inch width fits through standard doorways
  • Two-wheel integral cart for ease of moving
  • Robust handles act as skid for loading machine into pickup or trailer and protect valves and piping from damage.
  • Central hookup point for blast hose and remote controls
  • Weather-resistant storage area holds manuals, paperwork and small parts