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Item # RAPTAIR-G30, VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors

The RAPTAIR-G30 is the Most Affordable Gas Drive Rotary Screw Compressor On The Market.

Rotary screw compressors already proved their undisputed technical and performance superiority in almost all aspects over traditional reciprocating piston compressors. However, the cost of rotary screw compressors has remained the main challenge for most businesses to benefit from this technology. The RAPTAIR-G30 is a high performance, gas engine driven, rotary screw compressor that has a price point comparable to reciprocating gas drive competitors, but with reliability, durability and performance that is synonymous with VMAC® rotary screw compressors.

Air Compressor  · Engine  · Dimensions  · Specifications  · Safety Features  · System Components  · Optional Equipment  · Continuous Duty Air Power  · Un-Matched Size and Weight  · Backed by a Life Time Warranty  · Did You Know?  · Rotary Screw Quick Facts  · About VMAC®

Air Compressor

Duty Cycle

100 %

Rated Air Capacity at 100 psi (Maximum 150 psi)

30 cfm

Compressor Type


Air Compressor Warranty

Life Time


Engine Start


Engine Power

14 hp

Engine Type

Gasoline OHC Engine

Emission Compliance


Engine Warranty

5 year



20.7 in


20.3 in


33.5 in


System Weight (Wet)

205 lb

Mounting Plate Width

14 in

Mounting Plate Length

25 in

Noise Level at 20 ft

86 dB

Fuel Tank Capacity

1.8 gal

Safety Features
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable Rotary Screw Air power
  • Compressor Thermal Protection Circuit
  • Automatic Rapid Blow-Down Valve on Tank
  • 200 psi Pressure Relief Valve

System Components

Air Compressor

VMAC® Oil-Injected Rotary Screw


Patent pending integrated oil/air separator and air/oil cooler

Throttle Control

Controlled by system air pressure, idles down/up automatically with air demand


Subaru EX40 Approved Application

Drive System

Aluminum Belt-Guard
Auto-Tensioned Serpentine Belt



Optional Equipment

Low Profile Air Receiver Tanks (A500037)

Dual 6-gallon air receiver tanks with G30 mounting frame that includes gauge, fittings, hose, and valves (Adds 10 in. to height and 90 lbs (41 kg) to weight)

Remote Control Panel (A500038)

Remote panel with 10 foot extension for key switch, hour meter, and choke

Noise Reduction Exhaust Resonator (A500035)

Engineered muffler extension that significantly reduces engine noise

Continuous Duty Air Power
The RAPTAIR-G30 provides you with continuous air flow of 30 CFM to get most day-to-day jobs done - only faster. The compressor is rated 100% duty-cycle which means it never stops producing the air that is required. Now you can seamlessly run your air tools without any interruptions and any need to wait for your compressor to fill a receiver tank. Focus on your work and leave all else to the RAPTAIR-G30 gas drive air compressor.

Un-Matched Size and Weight
The compressor is built from high quality light-weight aluminum components that makes it the lightest gas drive compressor available. The RAPTAIR-G30 is half the weight of competitive reciprocating models on the market. Also, its efficient design results in a small footprint that provides more room for your tools and other necessary equipment, and allows the compressor to easily fit on the side pack of a service body.

Backed by a Life Time Warranty
VMAC® strives to provide the best warranty service in the industry to give you the peace of mind you need. Specifically, the RAPTAIR-G30 is supported by VMAC®'s Lifetime Warranty on the air end and Subaru's 5-Year warranty on the engine.

Did You Know?
By reducing the weight on your service truck by 200 lbs, you may be able to avoid the watchful eye of DOT regulations and save as much as 4% on your fuel costs.

Rotary Screw Quick Facts
  • Powerful 100% duty cycle means you can fill a tractor trailer tire in 180 seconds.
  • Rotary screw compressors have a long history of superior performance and durability.
  • A drier, cooler option over reciprocating compressors, the rotary screw compressor makes less unwanted heat and moisture in the system.
  • Smooth air delivery eliminates the need for large receiver tanks in most applications.

About VMAC®
Established in 1986, VMAC® began by designing jet engines for the Military and has now grown into a global leader in the manufacturing of mobile rotary screw air compressors with a network of 400 dealers.


·  VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors - 3

·  VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors - 4

·  VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors - 5

·  VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors - 6

·  VMAC® Lifetime Warranty

·  Low Profile Air Receiver Tanks

·  Remote Control Panel

·  Noise Reduction Exhaust Resonator


Downloads for VMAC® RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressors
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CAS VMAC G30 Brochure
(PDF, 3096KB)

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