OnGo - The First Steps To Your Own N2 Supply

INMATEC OnGo nitrogen technology produces a purity of up to 4.0/100 ppm (residual oxygen) and quantities of 0.9 - 105 Nm³/h.

Permanent N2 Supply
Unit of Measure

Compressed Air Specification

Temperature Range

N/A +5 to +50 ºC

Air Quality

N/A According to ISO 8573.1, Class 1 solid particulates and oil class 4 humidity, free of all contamination (free of ozone)

Pressure Dew Point

N/A +3 ºC

Ambient Conditions

Ambient Temperature Range

N/A +5 to +40 ºC

Technical Dimensions and Connections


N/A 1855 mm


N/A 1100 mm


N/A 780 mm

Maximum Operating Pressure

N/A 11 bar
Voltage1 N/A 110 to 230 V
Power Supply Frequency2 N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Noise Level

N/A 55 to 78 dBA

Calculation of the Compressed Air Requirements

Nitrogen Content

N/A 95.00 %97.00 %98.00 %99.00 %99.50 %99.90 %99.99 %

Air Factor at 95.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 1.9

Air Factor at 97.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 2.1

Air Factor at 98.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 2.3

Air Factor at 99.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 2.5

Air Factor at 99.50% Nitrogen Content

N/A 2.9

Air Factor at 99.90% Nitrogen Content

N/A 3.9

Air Factor at 99.99% Nitrogen Content

N/A 5.5


Capacity at 95.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 84.0 Nm³/h

Capacity at 97.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 59.9 Nm³/h

Capacity at 98.00% Nitrogen Content

N/A 53.8 Nm³/h

Capacity at 99.00% Nitrogen Content, 2.0 Quality and 10.000 ppm Residual O2

N/A 46.6 Nm³/h

Capacity at 99.50% Nitrogen Content, 2.5 Quality and 5.000 ppm Residual O2

N/A 37.8 Nm³/h

Capacity at 99.90% Nitrogen Content, 3.0 Quality and 1.000 ppm Residual O2

N/A 23.2 Nm³/h

Capacity at 99.99% Nitrogen Content, 4.0 Quality and 100 ppm Residual O2

N/A 11.7 Nm³/h

Gas Type

N/A Nitrogen

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ISO 9001:2008


N/A The INMATEC pressure swing adsorption process separates the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules. The high-purity nitrogen can now be used in a wide range of applications.



  • Plug and play - simple and constant nitrogen supply
  • Constant measurement of nitrogen purity
  • Savings from the very first minute
  • Low-maintenance, compact design


N/A Inlet and outlet filtration


N/A Multiplying the nitrogen capacity by the air factor indicated below gives the compressed air requirements.

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 93/27/EC.

All Capacity values apply at 7 bar inlet pressure and 20 ºC ambient temperature.

  • 1 Shock-proof plug
  • 2 Shock-proof plug