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    The Texas Pneumatic Chipping Hammer is one of the best in the Industry. The chippers have 2", 3" and 4" stroke pistons and are available with round or hex bushing.

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    Texas Pneumatic Foundry Tools include both Sand & Bench Rammers as well as Backfill Tampers and as always, Made in the USA.

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    The Texas Pnuematic 6", 8", and 11" stroke rivet busters.  The TX-133RB is designed to operate at 90 PSI.  It uses jumbo chisels, points and upper/lower sleeves.

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    Texas Pneumatic scalers have been proven throughout industrial job sites, as well as construction and the marine repair industry.  Applications include de-rusting and cleaning of metals, peening of welded joints, cleaning castings, cleaning welding slag and more.