• CP9361.jpg

    Constructed of premium components, this easy handling and comfortable using air scriber adjusts power for a variety of applications and materials such as: metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass.

  • CP0003.jpg

    CP'S Backfill Tampers are well equipped to handle light, medium, heavy contracting jobs.

  • CP6060-P15H.jpg

    The use of the latest technologies and materials, such as composite housing or steel housing for the toughest materials, makes CP Industrial impacts the best in each class. There versatile line features different clutches such as rocking dog, 2 jaw, pin, single dog or twin dog clutches. The ranges provides impact from 3/8” to 2 ½” square drive sizes.

  • cp_1210.jpg

    Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete line of Construction Equipment designed to efficiently handle a broad range of applications.

  • CP 4611P.jpg

    For excellent hitting power per lb, Chicago Pneumatics rivet busters are the right choice — delivering one of the best power-to-weight ratios available.

  • CP0009A.jpg

    These versatile tools are both a drill and a chipping hammer.  They are designed for a wide variety of construction and maintenance applications.


  • CP 1240 SPDR.jpg

    These specialized spike drivers are built to the same exacting specifications as CP's heavy duty pneumatic breakers, but with an open front head without tool retainer.