• UT8674-1.jpg

    The line of Air Hammers provided by Universal Tools are maunfactured for numerous industries.  

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    The UT line of Industrial Grinders has been developed to offer the widest selection of product choices to

    meet increased market demands for quality, accuracy and dependability.

  • UT8651H.jpg

    Universal Tool offers a complete line of chipping hammers with 1", 2", 3" and 4" strokes. 

  • UT8120R.jpg

    UT's two hammers strike balanced blows for more torque than other designs. The simple design offers easy low cost maintenance, and good performance on soft and hard joints.

  • UT8006.jpg

    All UT's Ratchets are designed for reliablity and comfort. Optimal for MRO and vehicle maintenance.

  • UT8788.jpg

    Universal Tool Sanders feature the highest HP to weight ratios, and modern designs offer built-in comfort features such as composite insulated grips, as well as reduced noise and vibration.

  • UT8635.jpg

    UT has developed new products to meet the requirements of today’s changing market. One such product is there patented line of recoilless needle scalers that provide users with ergonomic benefits unsurpassed in the air tool industry.